My trip to Manali

Hey Guys, this one is about my trip to Manali and Shimla that I had been with my girlfriends which turned out so much fun and exhilarating. I know its a place for all the honeymooners but definitely a group of  friends can have a very good time as well.

Well, starting our journey from Bandra terminus in Mumbai, we took a train for Chandigarh which  is the nearest station and airport that you will find to visit Manali. We were in Chandigarh at dusk so we decided to have our dinner and head towards Manali in the late evening. A tour bus that begins its journey from Chandigarh is available for all the tourist who want to go Manali. At the wee hours of the morning, I opened my eyes while in the bus and I saw that I was surrounded with beautiful hills and mountains and river on the side. I knew where I was going had more beautiful things for me to explore. We finally picked a hotel, little secluded from the city (if thats what they call it 😉 ) to be as close to the nature as we could be. The view from the room couldn’t be more amazing.

Take a look at the view from the hotel

Take a look at the view from the hotel

After breakfast and sleeping for 4 hours due to the tiresome journey, we headed for Hadimba temple which was walking distance from our hotel. Amidst the long pine trees you would find a cone shaped temple of Hadimba. You could go roaming about the garden situated beside the temple which had pine trees all over the place.

Pine Trees

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple

As the day ended amidst the pine trees, we couldn’t stop taking pictures awaiting the next morning to visit Rohtang Pass. We were in our hotel rooms after the heavy dinner that we had that night couldn’t catch sleep as we all were very excited. We slept for 2 hours and had to wake up next morning as we had to leave for Rohtang pass. We start our journey from down the mountain. It was a 5 hour long drive up the mountain, about 51 km and at an altitude of about 4000m 😮 . We reached there at around 10:30 am so you can imagine when we had to leave our hotel rooms.

When we reached up the mountain, I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was surrounded by purple headed mountains. So we climbed catching our breath in every 5 steps that we took. The view from up there was incredibly beautiful and serene. We skied, made snowman and snow angel. What we couldn’t stop doing was admiring the beauty of nature. Oh! I wish I could have stayed there until dusk to see the sunset but it got colder and the way down was dangerous. We left the place at round 3 pm so we could reach before the sunset.

Rohtang Pass


Exhilarated by the beauty around me, and tired after doing all the adventure activities on the mountain, I was ready for a good meal and a sound sleep.

The next day was well spent doing some shopping. There was a Tibetan market situated in the middle of the city where you could find variety of souvenirs to take back for your family and friends. While walking around the city we found a beautiful monastery which we had to visit. We ended up taking lot of pictures and having dim sums and momos in the evening.

Tibetan Monastery

small hut

We headed back to our hotel but we couldn’t end the night with just soft drinks. So we got some hard drinks on the table and danced till the sun shined. The next morning, a friend suggested that we go for a another adventurous dip into the river. Afraid of drowning, I had my life jacket on 😉 and we went for an ultra thrilling experience which was River Rafting. We grabbed are boats the tightest we ever could and set sail into the taming river. With every bump, water from the river came splashing at us. It was a thrilling experience and of course a scary one. But a special thanks to my friend for suggesting this.

river in Kullu

river rafting

Isn’t it amazing?

We bid goodbye to Manali with a hope to visit again. My experience in Manali was mind blowing and thrilling. though i had few thing which I couldn’t do, like para gliding. But never mind there’s always a next time. It was one of the most exciting and intoxicating trip I had.

Must Do’s :

1. Visit Rohtang Pass.

2. Eat Maggie on the hill top.

3. Try River rafting and crossing.

4. Eat Momos and dim sums.

5. Walk around to explore the city.


Just a preface…

Hi Guys, my name is Abhilasha Srivastava. This blog is just about my fantasies of hiking on snowy mountains, lying on beautiful beaches, enjoying the rains in Paris, etc etc. I could really go on and on. Basically my dream of visiting places that I have never been to and completing my checklist of ” PLACES I WANT TO TRAVEL”.

Well you know about my blog, here’s something about me:

I am an ambivert North-Indian girl, born and brought up in the city of dreams, Mumbai. I am passionate about travelling and would love to go on a world tour with a small camera in hand. I am not as good a photographer as a day dreamer. I have explored places in India but never been abroad.

First in my checklist is visiting the land of high passes, Ladakh. Nothing gives me sheer pleasure than watching the snow clad mountains ranging from my left to right. I have been to Himachal Pradesh, specifically Manali-Shimla, Kerela, Madurai, KanyaKumari, Kolkata, Chandigarh and obviously explored Mumbai. But my list never ends.

So here’s what I have thought, I am going to list down all the places I have visited and even the ones I wish to. With this I have a memory of these beautiful places and it helps me track my checklist.

So Keep Reading….